Phil and his wife Nicki have lived in the Valley for the past 20 years. They have 2 daughters and 1 dog named Boozer. When they’re not spending time with friends and family you can most likely see them at all the local sporting events, community functions or their daughters softball and soccer games. Phil is a die hard Jazz fan and loves concerts. Phil has been a huge donor to Mathews Food Crossing Food Bank and Local Churches.

Phil has been working in real estate for 17 years. You can hear Phil on 100.7 KSLX or see him on TV. His local radio and TV ads run consistently throughout the year. Phil has helped over 2,500 home owners sell their homes. The best part is, it’s been on their terms. Either by selling quickly, providing a cash offer or even if they need help finding a buyer. Sellers typically come to Phil when they’re looking for a local expert or have an asset they need to sell and get top dollar for.

Phil Shaver Go Sold Realty 100.7 KSLX Radio Ad
100.7 KSLX Radio Ad
Phil Shaver with Go Sold Homes TV Commercial