5 Pro Hacks to Sell a House in Phoenix

Any homeowner can put their property on the market and close a transaction, but investing additional time and effort is what separates a stellar sale from the rest of the pack. Let’s get your excitement and motivation to make the most of your home sale going with these 5 pro hacks to sell a house in Phoenix.

Go Beyond Cleaning

No one would be surprised to hear that thoroughly cleaning their home before putting it up for sale is a great idea, but we need to go a couple of steps further than that. 

Start by decluttering every single room of your home, including storage areas. A good rule of thumb when removing unneeded and unwanted objects is to take everything out of the living space and divide it into two equal piles: stay and go. 

The go pile then needs to find a new home, whether that’s a different temporary storage situation, a donation bin, or in the garbage. Buyers will go through anything and everything they can in your home, so you want to make it feel organized and big. 

Next, depersonalize your home by removing and storing family photos and heirlooms. This could mean removing an important piece of furniture or jewelry that was handed down through your family.

Lean on Curb Appeal

Often, owners focus on the interior of their home and fail to address exterior issues that help create a bad first impression of their home. 

To sell a house, boost curb appeal by cleaning up landscaping, putting down fresh mulch in planters, trimming back shrubs, and keeping everything that way once you’re done. Use a pressure washer to clean up siding, gutters, driveways, and walkways. 

To add an extra layer of polish on your exterior snazzing-up, wipe down your exterior windows with a quality glass cleaner. If you have the funds available and the weather allows, plant some cheap flowers to fill in any gaps in planters. 

Installing plants that look brand new and keeping them watered can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal.

The Final Test

With all of the hard work prepping your home for sale, it’s time to bring in a third party to walk through the entire home and give you an honest opinion of the whole package. 

Treat this situation as an opportunity to identify and remedy any lingering issues that could come up once complete and total strangers are rummaging through your property and ways to judge its worth. 

If you have pets, this is a great time to try masking any hints of their presence and see if your walkthrough test subject can pick up on any odors or hints your pets may have left behind.

Push the Message

After your home listing is active, share a link to the listing through any social media channels you normally utilize. 

Ask friends and family to do the same to help spread the word even further and magnify your marketing reach at no additional cost. Share your listing post in any local groups that allow posts about real estate listings. 

Half of the battle when trying to sell a house is getting as many interested parties involved as possible, and a seller’s market can lead to a highly lucrative bidding war for you.

Patience Pays off

As the showings and open houses start to come and go, you’re going to start getting offers thrown your way. 

Any offers that seem tempting need to be considered very carefully and the buyer vetted. Buyers that bring an offer to the table with solid proof of funds alongside few, if any, contingencies are rare. 

Don’t jump on the first thing that comes along, and take the time to look through all aspects of all offers. 

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